AngryKitty05 (AK, Kitty) is one of the newest members of the Kanohi Force, and the first registered female member.


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Kanohi Force

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Her first appearance on BZPower was actually before she joined the Kanohi Force, but was in a chapter of the Kanohi Force Comedy. She wasn't mentioned by name, but she did cameo in the chapter written by her brother, Petewa. She later appeared in his comic, which takes place in the fifth dimension before its destruction. Her second appearance was as Hawkeye in Petewa's Avengers/Underlings crossover, and her third appearance was in the Kanohi Force comedy, although only mentioned.

It is presumed that she and her brothers are temporarily sharing a residence in the suburbs of BZ-Metru, for the time being.


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Powers and Abilities

Outstanding archery skills.

It's debatable whether she's a Ko-Matoran who somehow also has Gravity powers, or a Ba-Matoran who somehow has ice powers, she's normally depicted as being purple, so the second is a possibility, although with Geha being a red and gold Vo-Matoran, that's not necessarily the case. Although she could be handwaved as being a Koba, and claiming that the combination of elemental prefixes suggests mastery over both, but it's uncertain whether or not this handwave is canon, either, since she has yet to mention on what she is, exactly.

She's also part cat.

Her Akaku grants her the ability of far-seeing, which is helpful with her whole archery motif and all that.


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  • She is the younger sister of both Bronze and Petewa.
  • She feels a necessity to put a picture of a cat within her each and every post.
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