Diamondback Explorer 01

The B.Z.S. Valkyrie is the personal spaceship of IcarusBen. Classified a Blockade Runner by the BZ-Nui Department of Space Transportation, the Valkyrie is a fast, but small cargo ship with immense combat capability. Designed by Icarus after the Lakon Diamondback Explorer, a ship from a game nobody else in the Kanohi Force actually knows about.


The ship was built sometime after IcarusBen arrived in the BZ-Nui dimension. It served as a prototype for many of the technologies that would later be used in other Kanohi Force projects, including it's Shadowlogic Physics Generator, a fantastic little device that enforces Earth-like physics within a select area of space surrounding it. Icarus would later invite Kovika to fly with him, but it is currently unknown whether or not Kovika took him up on this offer.


The ship is constructed with a naquadah/trinium/protodermis alloy which grants it considerable resilience to both weapons fire and natural dangers to the ship. The ship is also outfitted with a Mk.III shield generator to grant it increased resistance to energy weapons and fast-moving projectiles.

For both luminal and sub-luminal movement, the ship is outfitted with a Type-9 "Phoenix" frame shift drive. For trans-dimensional travel, the ship contains an Olmak attached to an on-board flight computer to prevent unwanted jumps.

For combat, the ship has two 1.21GW gimballed laser weapons and two salvos of eight missiles each, as well as a single 2.42GW gimballed laser attached to the underside of the ship.

To allow for long-distance travel, the ship is outfitted with a Bussard ramscoop to allow it to suck up hydrogen fuel from the coronasphere of stars.

Inside, the ship contains living quarters for two people, a spacious central area, and a large internal cargo bay. An earth-like atmosphere is maintained, though it is possible to reprogram the internals of the ship to recreate alternate conditions for different species.


  • The ship is designed after the Lakon Diamondback Explorer, an all-purpose craft from the video game Elite: Dangerous. The Valkyrie shares many traits with it's inspiration, but is significantly faster (both in FTL and out) and stronger. It's also larger, to accommodate its large cargo hold and living quarters.


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