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 Banana Gunz (Gunz) is an honorary member of the Kanohi Force. He's also a giant banana. 


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Kanohi Force

Gunz is considered an honorary member of the Force, due to the fact that he never received an avatar from T1S. He has, however, appeared in a few chapters of the comedy.

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As a sentient fruit, Gunz is appalled by the consumption of other fruits by other beings. He uses his allegiance with the Force as an outlet to spread awareness of his plight. He campaigns to ban all such eating of fruit.

Powers and Abilities

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  • He's a literal banana. Do you not get this?
  • Shadow fears that Gunz may have accidentally been sold at a farmer's market, being mistaken for a normal banana.
  • He once went on an epic RPG adventure with Ghidora and Dallior. It didn't end well.

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