Bionicleball is a comic series created by Irrie. It portrays Bionicle characters as Polandballs (pool balls with their masks painted on them) and makes satirical statements about the Bionicle canon and fandom.


After becoming inspired by Polandball, Irrie began making his first Bionicleball comics. Season 1 abruptly ended after Irrie lost interest, however it was rebooted after a 9 month hiatus with season 2.


Bionicleball is based on the current Bionicle canon, however does not follow its chronological order, but rather jumps around to different points in the story.

Season 1 "Of Helloings!"

Season 1 began on January 14th 2015 and ended on January 19th. Irrie used MS Paint and uploaded via DeviantArt. He violated several of the sacred rules of Polandball by using the circle tool to draw his characters, something that he corrected in the following season.

Season 2 "Bonkle Stronker!"

Season 2 began on October 4th 2015, when Irrie added two new comics and revived the thread. This time he created the strips with Sumopaint and uploaded with Imgur, giving the comic a more "classic Polandball" feel to it. Season 2 is the current season.