Brandek is one of the newest members of the Kanohi Force, and Dallior 's younger brother. He also has a starring role in Dallior's Amaztastical Comics.


Before joining the Kanohi Force, Brandek was introduced to the Bionicle fansite when given a starring role in his older brother's comic series. 

Dallior eventually messaged The 1st Shadow asking for an avatar for his brother. This was the first instance of the avatar preceding the member.

Kanohi Force

Brandek was introduced to the Kanohi Force a few days before Thanksgiving 2015 by Dallior. His first appearance was in the Kanohi Force Thanksgiving Special. He has not done much else as of yet. 


Brandek as of yet has done little on BZPower, mainly lurking around the site like Bronzejet and AngryKitty.


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Powers and Abilities

As a Toa of Fire, Brandek has control over fire. He gets a large weapons cache from Dallior, wielding a pair of swords, a grappling hook, and a sniper rifle.


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