Dallior (Dalls, Dilly-Dal) the Rahkshi Lord is a Ta-Matoran and one of the Leedurz of the Kanohi Force.


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Kanohi Force


After the idea was proposed and agreed upon, Dallior was the one who took the initiative to post the topic for the Kanohi Force comedy.


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Powers and Abilities

As a Ta-Matoran, Dallior has an inherent resistance to heat and flame.

He is equipped with a shoulder-mounted blaster that's designed to rapidly launch multiple bolts of condensed fire at a target. It can fold away onto his back when not in use, and is activated mentally.

He also possesses a unique fez, which can be used both for decoration and storage. The inside of the fez is far larger than the outside would suggest, and it can shrink down other objects and draw them in, until such a time as Dallior decides to bring them out. The fez is also indestructible, and Dallior can pull himself inside it and use it as protection if need be, such as surviving a large explosion.

Dallior drives the Dilly-Dally Truck, his primary transport.


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  • Dallior has occasionally been drawn as wearing girls' clothing. This eventually became a running gag.
  • Bonkle has determined that, as a G1 Transformer, Dallior would be Cliffjumper.
  • In Fractured Light, Dallior is a marine-level fighter whose bolt blaster has been replaced with a cordak.

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