The Insignia of the Darkness^Lords

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The Darkness^Lords are a group of secretive individuals who control the government of Dimension 1, the land of shadow. Each of them are beings created from one of the seven subdivisions of darkness. Very little is known about them, other than that after the death of D1 Petewa by the hand of his D5 counterpart, who resides within Dimension 3, they have sworn vengeance against the inhabitants of D3.


The Darkness^Lords were founded at some point after the formation of the universe, when all matter pooled out of the Elemental Plane of Dimension 0. Between this point and the arrival of D5 Petewa, they enlisted D1 Petewa as one of their advisers.

The Darkness^Lords later offered asylum to the entity known as The 1st Ghidarus-etewazaki-irronkle 3.0 after it fled Dimension 3 following the ransacking of the Kanohi Force database. He stayed there for an unknown amount of time.

D1 Petewa, having revived himself within D3, opened several inter-dimension gateways between D1 and D3, in hopes of allowing for the Darkness^Lords to stage an attack against BZ-Nui. After the temporary coup d'etat of the BZPower government by the hands of the Kanohi Force, the armies of the Darkness^Lords began to travel through the gateways and into the inter-dimensional void, where they were engaged in battle by the Kanohi Force.


The Darkness^Lords were formed when an orb of purified Shadow elemental energy leaked out of the elemental plane of Dimension 0 and into Dimension 1. It is unknown if the inhabitants of Dimension 1 were beings of shadow before the arrival of the Darkness^Lords or not. The orb was split into seven groups sapient beings, corresponding to the seven subdivisions of immorality. The Darkness^Lords split the 1st Dimension into seven different realms for each of them to rule over.

Lust: Ruler of the 1st Realm. All other information is unknown.

Gluttony: Ruler of the 2nd Realm. All other information is unknown.

Greed: Ruler of the 3rd Realm, as well as the leader of the Darkness^Lords. The capital of the 3rd Realm is also the capital of the rest of the Dimension.

Sloth: Ruler of the 4th Realm. All other information is unknown.

Wrath: Ruler of the 5th Realm. All other information is unknown.

Envy: Ruler of the 6th Realm. All other information is unknown.

Vainglory: Ruler of the 7th Realm and the oldest of the Darkness^Lords. He was aged by hundreds of thousands of years when Irrie sent him back in time in Dimension 3. He returned to Dimension 1 almost as soon as his younger version left.


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