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The FKF-305 Raptor class of light-weight starfighter is a specially designed spaceplane that is meant to operate in dogfights anywhere from close to sea level all the way into deep space. Whereas the B.Z.S. Daedalus ended up clocking in at three trillion Irriebucks, a squadron of sixteen Raptors costs as little as twelve million, making it a much more cost-efficient way to amass a large fleet of ships.


The FKF-305 was designed by IcarusBen to aid the Force in defending the skies of BZ-Nui. Whereas larger ships like the Daedalus are inconvenient to use over metropolitan areas, the Raptors are much more agile and are incredibly compact, leading to the use of them to defend BZ-Nuian airspace.

After the Kanohi Force left BZ-Nui, the Raptors were either incorporated into the BZ-Nui militia or, if in previous usage by IcarusBen, demolished outright.


The ship holds a Type-4 "Gazelle" frame-shift drive to allow it to travel very short distances at luminal velocity. The ship's hull, as with all other ships, is made from a naquadah/trinium/protodermis alloy, which makes it especially resilient to most forms of weaponry. The ship is outfitted with two gimballed 7.62mm machine guns attached to retractable hardpoints within the nacelles, two salvos of eight missiles each also located in the nacelles, and a single 1.21GW gimballed laser located on the underside of the ship. Unlike some larger ships in IcarusBen's fleet, the Raptors do not carry any sort of shield technology, relying solely on the strength of their hull. Further more, they are not equipped for any sort of trans-dimensional or interstellar transit and instead must rely on larger ships to carry them from system to system.


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