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Geha was a member of the Kanohi Force.


The Forgotten Chronicler had joined BZPower in the year 2013, going by the name of Hakann500 only because he wanted to be part of the community, no other reason. In that year, he did nothing but read posts and saw the latest Lego news.

During 2014, he went offline for a long time, only to come back a month after the "Great Shutdown" of BZPower, as he likes to call it. He had also viewed Loganto's old comics that had caught his attention.

When 2015 arrived, he decided to be more active. He found The 1st Shadow's Comics, which caught his interest and prompted him go into the comic section more often. He decided to start joining more comics as the year progressed, his first one being The Real Life of Loganto. This is where the "accidental" creation of Geha, his signature character, came into place. Later, he joined more and more comics, making it feel like a big adventure to him. He then started going by the name "The Forgotten Chronicler". When TFC joined T1S's comics, he began his own comic "business". It still remains one that is fairly unpopular. He strayed from the actual forms for unknown reasons.

From interacting with The 1st Shadow , he became acquainted with the Kanohi Force, and he joined them shortly after.
IMG 0713

Geha's first form

Kanohi Force

Geha showed great promise, and his inclusion in the Force was most welcome.

He claimed to write more chapters for the Force's comedy, though he never did.


In the fictional realm of BZ-Nui, Geha would travel between the main city and the Comic Land. He had built his own house in the Comic Land and is now running a series out in it. On occasion, he travels to the Kanohi Force Tower in BZ-Metru, where he enjoys the company of his fellow Force members.

He rarely used his house in Comic Land as, he usually visited the Google Hangout ruins, or the Skype base inland. Where he used to live at, is unknown.

IMG 0900

Geha's second form


Geha did not agree with the Leedurz and clashed with them often. He tried to spend his free time with his friends.


  • He left the Force on March of 2016.

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