Ghidora (Ghid-squid, Ghidward, Ghiddy, or the Suited Psycho) is the Toa (presumed as Toa of Awesome) President of the Kanohi Force.


Ghidora joined BZPower on June 21st, 2013, to enter a building contest. He made fourth place, and It didn't take long for him to become a well-recognized face on the forums. Immediately upon joining, however, he randomly friended ten people he knew nothing about, one tuning out to be The 1st Shadow . After several MOCs and a few comedies, Ghidora began looking for someone to make a two-person comedy. 

On an absolutely random circumstance, he partnered with and befriended Jakura Nuva, a former BZPRPG player and a decent writer. He would go on to become Ghidora's best friend online, after writing the short-lived comedy Quest For The Mask Of Hype. There is a rumor this comedy may be restarted. 

Shortly after that, he expanded his range of friends which included several young BZPower members, which would become extremely important in the near future. They conversed as normal Bionicle fans do, until The 1st Shadow decided to construct a custom profile picture , which sparked an idea that turned out to be one of the newest and most inclusive Bionicle clubs.

Kanohi Force

After spreading the idea of a club on BZPower based off of split-versions of the masks that T1Shadow had made, he collected a group of his close friends (Arzaki, Dallior, Jakura Nuva, The 1st Shadow, Aerixx, and Pohatu: Master of Stone) and he created the Kanohi Force, declaring himself as the Leedur and giving each member a position no higher than anybody else other than himself and The 1st Shadow , who would remain as vice president and mentor for the group. This organization would go on to include twenty-six members (at most recent count) and become well-known across BZPower. 

Shortly after this, Dallior created a group comedy about the Kanohi Force , and after the initial post by T1Shadow, they began pumping out comedies based on each member's stories. The 1st Shadow also made Kanohi Force artwork of the leaders, and after a short while Ghidora took on the art-making and began making painted illustrations of the Kanohi Force in certain popular forms of media, such as movies, video games, and literature. After that, Ghidora began making photo comics, which ended abruptly after the shift across.

The Kanohi Force's Official Youtube channel is headed by Ghidora and The 1st Shadow, although little has been done on it aside from a small handful of videos.

Recent activity between Ghidora and The 1st Shadow suggest the KF may soon be finalized as an actual organization, including association with other large-scale Bionicle sites.


Previously within the fictional realm of BZ-Nui (a physical, island version of the BZPower forums), Ghidora works as an unknown business manager and heads the Kanohi Force from the Kanohi Force Tower, which is one of the tallest buildings in BZ-Nui. Ghidora's cracked, half-wit nature lead to him being the main cause for most of the shenanigans the Kanohi Force runs into, and usually the way out of those shenanigans.

In this realm, Ghidora came over from the Matoran Universe to live in BZ-Nui, carrying with him the trauma and bloodshed experiences from the older, dying realm. After encountering T1Shadow and gaining his trust, he constructed the Kanohi Force under T1Shadow's guidance. Since then, he has been an inconvenient problem and necessity for the Kanohi Force, which only makes them love him even more, whenever he isn't leaving cheese puffs on the doorways and randomly washing the asphalt.

After several shenanigans with the other Leedurz and some of the force memburz, the semi-legendary and mostly boring Civil War broke out. It is unknown as to how this climactic battle ended, although chimichangas were surely involved somehow.

Eventually Ghidora and the rest of the Leedurz took the Kanohi Force Tower and all the related property, exiting the realm of BZ-Nui and drifting off to the space between dimensions, where the next reluctantly told tale shall begin...

Origin Story

(to be added)

Fractured Light

The dimension that Fractured Light takes place in is a much different place. In that dimension, Ghidora has lost a vast majority of his powers, and is pulling the universe apart piece-by-piece. It was up to a small renegade band of fighters in order to take him down.


(To be added)


Strict, rude, vicious, defiant, merciless, arrogant, temperamental, yet kind, lenient, decisive, thoughtful, and longsuffering.

Powers and Abilities

Despite his tall, lanky appearance, Ghidora is very strong, and skilled in fist-fighting. He's got enough normal strength to tussle with Jakura, and his suit enhances his already impressive power set. He is agile and stealthy, making him an extremely efficient assassin. His knowledge of technology, and mostly how to break it, allows him to dismantle things such as timed explosives and security devices with ease. Unaided by mask capabilities, he is the fastest KF member.

After traveling through the Matoran Universe, Ghidora collected the worst nightmares from the fears of every being and concentrated them into a mask, which fused to his face, known as the Kanohi Kaalchutuk - the mask of madness - which is capable of destroying another being's mind despite the mental protection they may or may not have. Ghidora is incredibly opposed to using it, however, because it is pure torture to whoever it is used on. It also forces Ghidora into a one-hour recovery time period, in which he is insensible and cannot be communicated with.

He wields the semi-legendary Cannon of Soard, which fires a highly charged and concentrated beam of plasma at lethal levels that can burn through protosteel. This attack can be negated by the Sword of Canon, Jakura's signature weapon.

His suits are said to be woven from the darkest shadows, and give him shadow abilities. He can teleport very short distances, mind-shield, and see invisible and teleporting enemies. Unfortunately this makes getting hit by light attacks hurts twice as much. His odd origins gave him an immunity to the powers of the masks of life and control, although he would still be cursed if he was ever to touch the mask of life.

After augmentation to his body was made when Genocide ripped him apart, Ghidora implanted energy-absorbing devices along the inside of specially-designed armour that transfer any energy-based attacks aside from light and add them to his stamina. These include laser-based, non-Toa fire, and plasma attacks, to name a few. Too much energy in his system and Ghidora will need to fire it off in order to keep himself from crumbling under it.

He also has a certain set of powers he does not require his suit for, called his "Karzfire" modes. At the moment, there are only three that are known of:

Goblesqe Karzfire: His body grows slightly, save his hands and head, which increase dramatically. Instead of becoming slow, Ghidora's speed actually increases in this mode, as well as his strength. Goblesque is the standard Karzfire mode.

Titannical Karzfire: His body basically reconstructs into a massive, slow-moving form which is basically the Iron Giant in attack mode. This one may be caused involuntarily by the appearance of any cartoon-ish ponies, but is the easiest one to get out of.

Vemouspike Karzfire: Swirling black tentacles made from his inner shadow and spiky, sword-like legs erupt from his body, easily carrying him off of the ground and turning him into a ball of hurt. He can have up to one hundred and thirty one limbs at one time, of varying size and structure. Having so many limbs, it's hard for him to control them all at once. This is the only mode where no insanity is present.

Considering Ghidora pulls his powers from the shadows, it is suspected that he would be most powerful in outer space. And it should be noted, the abilities he uses in Titannical Karzfire can still be used in his dormant form.


"[:e_e)" -A sly look given when Ghidora is rather suspicious.


  • Ghiddy actually requested the element of "Awesome," but forgot the request shortly after. His other elemental tie is Ice.
  • Ghidora has never lost a fight to any of the other Kanohi Force Leedurz and memburz, but has constantly failed to defeat Genocide.
  • Ghidora came up with the terms "Leedurz" and "Memburz".
  • At one point, Ghidora hefted the entire KF tower.
  • Ghidora has never actually eaten a chimichanga, despite his apparent obsession in the KF Canon.
  • One of the mysteries of Ghidora is his enigmatic family, and especially his uncle, who is little known of aside from absolutely legendary feats told by Ghiddy, but these have yet to be verified.

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