The GukkoCopter is one of the many vehicles employed by the Force. It is the personal vehicle of Aerixx.

The GukkoCopter


Shortly after joining the Kanohi Force, Aerixx designed a new vehicle known as the "GukkoCopter," and asked The 1st Shadow for one. Busy at the time, Shadow sought the help of a couple other Nui Ghosts to help in the making of this transport.

Once it was completed, Aerixx used it as his primary transport around the island of BZ-Nui .


The GukkoCopter is built for speed, so it was kept as light as possible. Shadow installed levitation kanoka in the rotors and rear of the vehilce to provide some extra lift.

The rotor frames and tail fins are adjustable, allowing for more precise movement.


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Extra Links

Want to build the GukkoCopter? LDD file here! (Please note that the cockpit does exist in trans-blue, but LDD had not been updated to include it at the time that the model was designed. If you order the parts from Bricklink, just be aware that a blue one is within the realm of possibilities.)

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