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Welcome to the Kanohi Force Wikia

The Kanohi Force is an arguably savage horde of artists, writers, madmen, and reprobates that came together in the magical world of Bionicle. Here is a wiki depicting the various aspects of the Kanohi Force world. Behold the glory of the incredible and omnipotent Kanohi Force as you are immersed in a land of sensational madness.

What is the Kanohi Force?

We were once described as "A cult of nouns that forge unholy fusions of different masks and faces together and join in common brotherhood for no other reason than to say they are a family or something".

A better question is why is the Kanohi Force? We exist because we can. We are all that there is in this world of disparity and destruction. We are your only hope. Join us and be saved, for when you are separated from us we cannot do anything. Nothing at all. We are the very state of existence.

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