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 Kovika is a Toa of Ice, one of the Leedurs of the Kanohi Force, and regular participant of the Rant Square. He also commands a visorak horde of his own. 


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Kanohi Force

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Powers and Abilities

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Kovika pilots the Frost Cycle, a vehicle designed by him and fueled by his Ice Powers.


- "Seriously guys, let's all calm down and be friends"

"Shadow has some sort of magical taco that allows him to see through deception!" -In the Moldy Throne

"Kovika is HOT" -Ganto


  • Bonkle has determined that, as a G1 Transformer, Kovika would be Wheeljack.
  • In the terms of Transformers Alligned, it is debated whether he'd be Arcee or Knockout.
  • In Fractured Light, Kovika is a mysterious Matoran who believed he was Ghidora.
  • During a skype call with Ghidora and Shadow, Kovika was referred to as the "Reverse Redneck Tooth-Fairy."

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