The Mokuii is a thing that Petewa is going to give information on.

Indeed, Mokuii is a dog-like Rahi which is the only of its kind, due to the fact that Petewa brought it with him from the fifth dimension.


Mokuii is a type of Rahi native to the left thigh of the fifth dimension, D5 Petewa was holding a Mokuii egg when he was forcibly brought to The Third Dimension by Kovika. It hatched no sooner than Petewa had left the basement, and has since grown at what Petewa claims to be an abnormal rate. Not that he minds, it can be ridden around now, and is more loyal byfar than any car.

Powers and Abilities

The Mokuii's abilities are very much unknown, although exposure to BZNui's atmosphere has given it rather recessive traits, unexpected. What little is known about a Mokuii's abilities is that it could bounce off of walls if it so wished, and is fast.


  • The name "Mokuii" was chosen by Kovika out of a handful of options for how the name would be spelt.
  • The preliminary name of Mokuii was a play on the acronyms: "MOC" and "WIP"
  • Mokuii, Petewa, and Torchworm are the only living things native to the fifth dimension which are not currently dead.