Ouberry is one of the newest members of the Kanohi Force.


Ouberry was first introduced to the Bionicle community through the Lego Message Boards. On the boards, he heard about BZPower and decided to check it out. At first, he tried posting a story he was writing on the Lego Message Boards onto BZPower, but due to lack of story updates on both BZPower and the Message Boards, he discontinued the story. He became active in the "Describe the avatar of the member before you" topic and read "Dallior's Amazingtastical Comics", where he heard of the Kanohi Force. Wanting to get more involved in the BZPower community, he asked T1S to join.

Kanohi Force

1. Ask T1S to join

2. Get accepted 

3. Profit

He is also the guildmaster of the Force's official guild on the Minecraft server Hypixel

Origin Story

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Ouberry is cheerful and somewhat respectful, although it is not always above him to pick a fight. He tries to keep an uplifting demeanor whenever possible, yet if attacked he will count on his cape portal to get him out. It doesn't always work, however, and often leads him into more trouble than he bargained for.

Powers and Attributes

In addition to his powers of Topic Revival, Ouberry owns a magical cape that allows him to instantly transport from one location to another, within a set range, usually. The cape itself is made woven out of the fabric of the universe, and can be mentally commanded to become a portal bridging the space between two points. Once active, Ouberry can walk through the portal and his cape will reform upon his exit.

His Kanohi Volitak is equipped with a HUD system that links to his BZPad, giving him hands-free access to the various public networks in BZ-Nui.



"Cause last time you gave me a weird serum, I became a vampire" - Ouberry to Kovika in the Jungle of Stories universe


  • During the first podcast recording, a joke upon Ouberry's name was made. After being mispronounced once, it was adapted into the phrase, "OOGA-OOGA-OOGA-BERRY!"

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