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 Pohatu: Master of Stone (Pohatu, P:MoS, Peemoss) is one of the Leedurz of the Kanohi Force


In his early days on BZPower, Pohatu went by the name RahkshiToa88, or Eighty-Eight, and frequented the Comics forum, which led him to become acquainted with the likes of Shadow and Ghiddy. Prior to adopting one of T1S's avatars, he changed his name to Pohatu: Master of Stone, in honor of the 2015 reboot.

Kanohi Force

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Generally kind, optimistic, and always fighting for the little guy, yet he can be incredibly strict and severe if the rules are broken.

Powers and Abilities

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  • Despite being represented as a Toa of Stone, Pohatu is an avid swimmer and certified diver in real life.

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