The ShadeCycle is a motorbike, one of the Kanohi Force vehicles, and The 1st Shadow's personal transport.


The ShadeCycle was one of Shadow's many creations upon coming to BZ-Nui. Contrary to its name, the bike's only connection to darkness is in the name. It was designed to be solar-powered, feeding on ambient light energy.

Shadow uses it for many occasions, such as going to the Kanohi Force Tower or for traveling outside of the city, to places such as the Creative Archipelago or BZ-Koro.

The ShadeCycle was used extensively during a series of chaotic events engineered by Mask Collector when the latter attempted to steal the Flashbaki for his Museum. The transport survived these events and remains in the Staff Garage in the Coliseum.


The ShadeCycle is about 7 feet long, from wheel to wheel. It's hull and frame are both composed of protosteel. It was colored green and black to reflect its maker's armor colors.

The bike is very fuel-efficient, being powered by the solar energy of the sun and by Shadow's own light powers. However, this drains the Av-Matoran's strength if used excessively, so he refrains from using it at full power when it can be avoided.

Being solar-powered, it would normally not travel as fast as it potentially could. Shadow took this into account and redesigned the wheels to be made from Speed Kanoka, enabling it to reach incredible speeds that are otherwise unthinkable. It does have to slow down when turning, however, to account for friction and momentum.

Thus far, T1S has not equipped it with any weapons, figuring he has the Marendar available most of the time, and the ECDR on speed-dial.

The ShadeCycle is able to fold up and clip onto the back of Shadow's Marendar mech, for those occasions when he needs both machines.


  • The ShadeCycle's first appearance was in The Shadow Saga
  • The Speed Kanoka in the wheels are an homage to T1S' Kanohi, the Kakama, the Mask of Speed.