The Editor is a member of the Kanohi Force.


The Editor was a fan of Bionicle since nearly 2006, but never joined any message boards or fansites due to his nature as a technological and social dinosaur. Everything changed when he took quick trip to BZPower in the September of 2015 to check out what happened to the big honking hole in the Mata Nui robot's Southern Continent dome once Voya Nui had fallen through. Despite - or because of - his approaching exams, he signed on to the site and began participating in its activity.

Around October of 2015, he was recommended by The 1st Shadow to become a member of the Force, and he joined shortly after.

Kanohi Force

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In the Fractured Light universe, The Editor is shown as a Matoran sporting gold armour and a floating seat. He was shown smashing the fourth wall and challenging the group of survivors.

Powers and Abilities

As a Bo-Matoran, he has an innate understanding of plant compounds - or so he wishes. It'd help with organic chem.

He knows enough first aid to know that Natasha Romanoff should've been bleeding out in The Winter Soldier post-Bucky-shot, and that Oliver Queen needed more than some penicilin tea to recover from his injuries in Season Three of Arrow (but seriously, everyone knows that).

He has the ability to make his peers groan; all he has to do is crack a lame joke.


"Endgame, as need be." - The final word before attacking Dane and his party in FL.


  • His name is a pun based on his initials and those of an editor in Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar - "Jay Cee, the editor".
  • In real life, he is a nut for nearly anything involving superpowers or magic, hates running, overdoses his friends with incredibly lame puns, and enjoys using smileys with noses too much.
  • A powerful, corrupt version of the Editor was last seen over the hills of BZ-Metru. It is unknown where he is at present.
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