A potential logo for the Kanohi force, based on one incarnation of the Flashbaki

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The Kanohi Force was first born when one member of BZPower, known as The 1st Shadow, donned an avatar that blended the masks of the BIONICLE characters from both G1 and G2. He was later approached by Ghidora131, who requested a similar avatar. Ghidora later directed five others to T1S, who gladly made them avatars of their own. These seven would come together and become the "Leedurship Board" of the group known simply as the Kanohi Force. They would go on to spawn many projects in the BIONICLE Community and spread their fun and casual mayhem around. It wouldn't take long for them to be well recognized, and achieve fame/infamy as well.


The "Leedurz" are the individuals who created and run the Kanohi Force. They are responsible for the Kanohi Force as a whole, and possibly the end of G2.

They include, by order of avatar:

  • The 1st Shadow: Also known as "The Artisan", he's in charge of keeping track of the fictional KF-Verse, in which the comedy takes place. He's also the second oldest member of the Force.
  • Ghidora131: The Toa of Awesome known as "Ghiddy", he's in command of the Kanohi Force, doing the majority of the background work. He's extremely good at being a nutcase and constantly redefines mental instability.
  • Jakura Nuva: "Jakman" is the levelheaded Toa of Fire, who is often driven crazy by Ghiddy's ability to defy canon. He's proven to be an exceptional writer, and is a welcome presence among the Leedurship.
  • Arzaki: The other Toa of Fire, Arzaki is the more hotheaded one, and is the maker of a game called Regalia. As he describes himself, he rarely does much of anything besides enforcing his rule as Meme Overlord.
  • Dallior: The Rahkshi Lord, this Ta-Matoran is the enthusiastic driving force behind the Kanohi Force.
  • Pohatu: Master of Stone: "The Rock" is one of the less involved Leedurz, but was one of the main voices that drove the comedy into existence.
  • Kovika: A Toa of Ice, and commander of the Visorak hordes, Kovika is the only membur to have become a Leedur.


Later on, the "Memburz" (every member of the Kanohi Force aside from the Leedurz) would join the mayhem.

These underlings are:

  • Dane: A Toa of plantlife who might possibly be a Vahki. Maybe.
  • The Irrational Rock: a Toa of Earth, Irrie is the Force's unofficial Loremaster.
  • The Tokytot: A Matoran of Noodles who perpetually wears a rather dapper hat.
  • Dragon11603: A Matoran of Air, who is suspected to be part dragon by Shadow.
  • Bronzejet Kanohi Kakama: A Kakama. A sentient Kakama.
  • Meyres the Anchorman: A Ta-Matoran and the real-life cousin of T1S.
  • IcarusBen: A Human who likes to dress as the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.
  • Lewa of the Jungle: the younger brother of Geha, and a Toa of Jungle.
  • The Editor: A Bo-Toa with a penchant for editing.
  • Durahk: A Ta-Matoran.
  • AngryKitty05: A female Ba-Matoran with an Ice-powered bow.
  • Brandek: A Toa of Fire, and the brother of Dallior.
  • Kayn: A mysterious Toa who wears a grey Hau.
  • Kohnoh, Toa of Trees: Currently known as Loganto.
  • Azon: A Matoran who excels in martial arts and keeps a cool attitude about himself.

There are also a few honorary memburz. They are not listed as underlings because they only meet one or two of three criteria: 1) , 2) been mentioned as a Membur by one of the Leedurz, and 3) participate in any way, shape, or form with the Kanohi Force.

  • Master Inika: A Ko-Matoran well known for his works of comedy.
  • Shockwave: A Toa of something or other, presumably electricity.
  • Banana Gunz: He's literally a giant, walking banana. 

Former Members

  • Toa Onaku: A Toa of Earth who has left.
  • Geha: A Toa of Lightning who has left.
  • Petewa: A Toa of Stone who has left.


  • In Fractured Light, the Kanohi Force is thrown into absolute chaos as the universe crumbles around them.
  • In Kaos, Shadow attempts to access an alternate dimension, and...
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