The Rant Square was a courtyard located behind the Kanohi Force tower accessible by Ghidora, and most of the members, which was built in order to keep spam out of the KFC topic. It was eventually destroyed to create the courtyard containing the moldy throne.


The original Rant Square was destroyed at nearly one-hundred pages. After that, a second Rant Square was built, but was consequently destroyed by one of the former members through spamming. This caused the second Rant Square to crash and temporarily force PMs into a lockup.

The third iteration of the Rant Square, officially known as "Kanohi Force Rant Square Mk.2" was destroyed as well due to similar circumstances.

Months later, the Rant Square was reset by Dallior to include the Kanohi Force's new roster of members, creating the Kanohi Force Rant Square 3.0. It was also reset because of a near-destructive quoting competition on page 168. Also interesting, the quote chain in page 168 caused every post on that page to appear as another quote within the chain.

Eventually, after several attempts to try and restore order, all official versions of the rant square were leveled in order to create a proper courtyard and, in turn, eventually become the resting spot for the moldy throne.