The Tokytot is a member of the Kanohi Force


IRL, The Tokytot came up with the name "Tokytot" when he was playing Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii.

The Tokytot's original character Leahu has purple feet because IRL The Tokytot thought that the 2001 Le-matoran had purple feet. Also, The Tokytot did not (and still doesn't) have the turquoise foot pieces put on the character.

The Tokytot's original Tabo has an orange Pakari because IRL The Tokytot lost the yellow Hau in a lamp and put an orange Pakari on Tabo instead. It was found several months later by his brother. He immediately remembered placing it on the bulb of that lamp. Please don't ask him how it got lost in the lamp. He still doesn't know how it managed to stay lost while he was searching all throughout the house. He thinks he may have even picked up that lamp looking for it.

Kanohi Force

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So far all that is known is that The Tokytot has an immense weakness to mold, and therefore stays away from the Moldy Throne at all costs.


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Powers and Abilities

The Tokytot can only lose his top hat while asleep.

Only the man himself can take the top hat off The Tokytot's head.


"Eh, wasn't particularly all that novel."--discussing a book he'd just flipped through


  • IRL, The Tokytot writes a story called Tabo and Co. Tabo and Co is still being written with 12 full chapters, 1 chapter in progress, 5 main characters, a villian, and a decent plot. The BZPower version of Tabo and Co makes The Tokytot seem illiterate and it is a lot harder to read than the version Tokytot is currently writing. It will never get past Chapter 1. Every chapter of Tabo and Co has an introduction that starts with The Tokytot saying, "'Sup Guys!"
  • In both real life and fiction, The Tokytot's favorite fruit in terms of taste is the papaya, while the banana is his overall favorite fruit.
  • Haven't had a frozen banana before? (The chocolate-dipped ones don't count.) The Tokytot wants you to eat one if you haven't. You simply need to peel a banana and leave it in the freezer for several hours. Be sure to wrap a paper towel or napkin around the bottom of the banana. The paper towel or napkin is where you will hold the frozen banana while you are eating it. Your life will be changed. Enjoy.
  • IRL, out of the several original characters he has created, Tabo, Leahu, and The Tokytot are his most favorite.
  • In the 2004th dimension, Tokytot is a Ta-Matoran.
  • He is suspected to have the element of Soup, but no-one knows this for certain.
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