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 Toa Onaku was a member of the Kanohi Force


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At one point, he was sent to The 1st Shadow to receive a special avatar that would later signify his induction into a unique group...

He has since left the Kanohi Force after a long period of absolutely nothing happening in the group PM he'd been moved into from the Rant Square.

Kanohi Force

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Powers and Abilities

As a Toa of Earth, Onaku could create, control, and absorb Earth-related substances, such as soil or mud.

He wore a Kanohi Pakari, which gave him enhanced strength, in addition to his already-powerful muscles.



With love, -Onaku.


  • Onaku's first avatar. Onaku was displeased with the size of the text, and so...
  • ... he modified it to be a bit more discreet. This was his second avatar.
  • A variant of the avatar made by Onaku as a response to the chaos of the Kanohi Force Rant Square.
  • An avatar made by T1S for Onaku at his request. He never got around to using it.


  • Spent most of his time in the second Kanohi Force group PM, where absolutely nothing happened.
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