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The Kanohi Force was originally brought together when one of their number, The 1st Shadow, donned an avatar made up of the Kakama from G1, and the Mask of Stone from G2, in his own colors. This concept intrigued Ghidora131, who requested one of his own. He later brought others to the older member, and more avatars were made. Thus, the Force was born.

Wave 1

Over time, their activities brought in more and more members, and Shadow was more than happy to throw together some more avatars for everyone. These avatars can be found here:

  • The Irrational RockGo to Irrie
  • Tahu3.0Go to Tahu3.0
  • IcarusBenGo to Icarus
  • BronzejetGo to Bronzejet
  • PetewaGo to Petewa
  • Jakura NuvaGo to Jakura
  • DalliorGo to Dallior
  • Ghidora131Go to Ghiddy
  • Pohatu: MoSGo to Peemoss
  • The 1st ShadowGo to T1Shadow
  • ArzakiGo to Arzaki
  • Geha.jpg The Forgotten ChroniclerGo to Toa Geha
  • Dragon11603Go to Dragon
  • Bonkle's avatarGo to Bonkle
  • Lewa otJ's avatarGo to Lewa otJ
  • Master Inika's avatarGo to MI
  • AngryKitty05's avatar
  • Toa Onaku

Wave 2

Just before the start of December 2015, marking the one-year anniversary of the Force, Shadow made a new avatar for himself using the 2015 and 2016 Masks of Stone. All subsequent avatars made after this point would be considered part of the second wave of avatars, marking a new generation.

  • Shadow's Wave 2 avatar
  • Arnie's first avatar
  • Brandek's first avatar
  • Dallior's Wave 2 mask
  • Dragon's Wave 2 avatar
  • Pete16.jpg A 2016 update to Petewa's avatar
  • Pohatu's Wave 2 avatar
  • Ouberry's first avatar
  • Kohnoh's first avatar
  • Azon's first avatarGo to Azon

On occasion, the KF force has been known to unite under avatars aside from their official split masks, most notably, Ponies, Power Rangers, and (coming soon) Star Wars.


The Pony avatars were made on a site, and were made by whoever wanted to have one, and were used by everyone who had one. It was during this period that the Force learned that Ghiddy has a deep hatred for MLP--as such, he declined the use of such an avatar.

  • Petewa.
  • Dane.
  • The Majority of the force.
  • Several people from outside the force.

(Gallery to be added)

Power Rangers

The Power Ranger avatars were made when Petewa gave up on his previous project in order to start an easier one, one in which he'd draw the Power Rangers as Underlings...or was it vice versa?

Those members and their avatars are as follows:

  • Dragon
  • PetewaGo to Petewa
  • Kovika
  • TahuGo to Tahu3.0
  • Dane
  • The Irrational RockGo to Irrie
  • Meyres
  • IcarusBenGo to Icarus

Star Wars

Around the time that Star War: The Force Awakens was coming to theaters, Kovika planned on making SW avatars for the KF members. Whether or not he intends to keep up on that offer is yet to be announced.

(Gallery to be added)

Stylized avatars

Aerixx once made stylized avatars for each of the Leedurs. He had hinted that they were part of a larger image, but this was never seen to fruition. Regardless, they were highly approved.

Cave Drawings

Bonkle began producing avatars for himself as well as a few other members in a style that he described as "cave drawings," representing the masks of the members of the Force in a rough, yet recognizable style.