As another informative post, to collaborate with Shadow's intro post for Shades of the Past, the two epics we are producing marks the end of "Wave 1" of the Force. No, this does not mean the timeline ends and never comes back; we've got that sorted out.

Basically, this whole expanse of comedy chapters has come to a close, and we're going onto Wave 2. That doesn't mean we're retconning, closing, or removing any of the previous information, as it is designed to flow directly into the next wave. But almost two years worth of info is quite a bit, so we're starting the next wave now.

"What does that mean for me, my writing, and my place in the force?"

Any epics, comedy chapters, or short stories you create that get approved by the Leedurship get put on the timeline, which has no end and will continue to go on as long as this group remains. Like Nuva to Inika to Mahri, so we go from Wave 1 to Wave 2. Nothing is ending, we're just picking back up at the end of Shades of the Past.

"But Ghidora, we've seen a lot of really bad, brutal stuff in your epic. We know you just got started, but will this result in permanent death? And what about Shadow's epic?"

Not a single death in any epic or short story that gets approved will be permanent. However, keep in mind that, at the end of Endless, there will be people who won't come back. Not banned members, just those who happen to die in the story. Any permanent deaths will be resolved through Shades of the Past, and since there's a lot of spoiler worthy stuff in that, that's all that I'll say for now on the matter.

If you're new to the Force or thinking of joining, welcome in! don't worry if you happen to read an epic, and find your character horribly slaughtered. I'd be furious if that happened without my consent. But we've taken extra care to make sure that no-one is left for dead over any of the official Force material, and if you find your character being portrayed poorly or incorrectly, notify one of the Leedurship and we'll get to it as soon as possible.

There'll be a big change to the comedy sometime relatively soon, so keep your eyes peeled for any more blog posts or BZP updates. Take care!

~Ghidora, and the rest of the Leedurship Board

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