The emblem of the Vahki force, usually printed or engraved on their head casing

The Vahki are mechanical robots created to serve as the primary law enforcement and peacekeeping units for the city of BZ-Nui and surrounding locations. They were requested by the Staffers shortly after the formation of BZ-Nui. There are six standard Vahki types, two elite types, and two specialized types. With the two exceptions of the Bezevakh and the Dumevakh, all Vahki are modeled after their canon counterparts. The Vahki forces adhere to the command of the ECDR-1000 unit, created by The 1st Shadow. Although the ECDR is not a Vahki itself, the rest of the units were reprogrammed to follow its orders. After the ECDR in the Vahki chain of command are the few Kranua, followed by the Kraahu, and then the squad leaders, and finally the standard six types of Vahki.

Various Vahki


Bordakh are Vahki that are primarily tasked with jeopardizing the smuggling of illegal personnel and objects over water. Unlike most Vahki, Bordakh are renowned for being vicious enforcers, their limited AI taking great delight in chasing down a victim. Often Bordakh are assigned to port cities, where the concentration of smugglers is highest.

Bordakh are equipped with twin staffs of loyalty. Unlike the Nuurakh's staffs of command, these weapons were much more powerful and didn't need to adhere to the target's moral code. Complete obedience is imposed on the target with one swift blast from either staff, and is often used to root out smuggler hideouts.

Like all Vahki, Bordakh can also utilize a disk launcher mounted on their faceplates. When activated, this teleports a Kanoka disk from a warehouse in the Vahki Hives to them, which they then launch. They can also repair minor damages to their exterior armor.


250px-Animation Keerakh

A Keerakh

Keerakh often work in conjunction with the Rorzakh as being the "back up" Vahki to a situation. Often if a criminal escapes another squad, the Keerakh will be the ones to follow after them, waiting until they think they're safe before striking.

The Keerakh utilize staffs of confusion, a powerful tool that causes the target to lose all sense of time and place. They also serve as good climbing tools, tailor made for scaling tall buildings or cliffs.

Keerakh are also connected to the Vahki Hives, and can thus use the disk teleportation function.


Nuurakh are often the overseer Vahki that monitor workplaces, typically those that involve heavy manual labor. It is their duty to ensure that an operation runs smoothly, so they can't afford to slip up very often, and thus make quick work of a situation, rather than enjoying the prolonged chase like the Bordakh.

Nuurakh wield staffs of command, which makes the target carry out any order given by the Nurrakh. This tool allows for them to quickly send people back to work if they try to rest for too long or do other problems that disturb the situation.


Skilled trackers and silent pursuers, Rorzakh are known for being ever present, lurking from the shadows, and watching with their staffs of presence. They and the Keerakh often work together to trail behind escaped criminals to find their location before sending in a squad of tougher Vahki, like Vorzakh and Zadakh, to eliminate them.

Rorzakh carry staffs of presence, which allows for them to monitor the location and actions of their target for long after they've been struck.

In Vanquished Alliance, the Force employs a rogue Rorzahk, who joins their ranks and calls himself "Rorzy."


Vorzakh are often regarded as the most brutal and vicious of the standard law enforcement. Known for their lack of concern for property damage, they often leave a wake of carnage in their path just to capture their target. Vorzakh are typically used for catching criminals, however many Vahki squad leaders realized that Vorzakh must be called out of action before they reach their target, otherwise the criminal ends up being mauled by the robot, often far beyond necessity.

Vorzakh carry staffs of erasing, probably the most damaging of all the Vahki staffs. When struck by a staff of erasing, the target loses all memory up until that moment, as well as the ability to think tactically and perform complex tasks.


While the Bordakh enjoy the hunt, the Zadakh enjoy the pleasure of watching their target try to fight its way out of the situation. Violent and strong, the Zadakh are often used for neutralizing massive rahi attacks, or other matters that involve open space fighting.

Zadakh carry staffs of suggestion. Unlike staffs of command or loyalty, the staffs of suggestion make the target follow orders from anyone, not just the Vahki.


The Kraahu is an elite model of Vahki, called into action much less frequently than the standards. They were a strange sight to behold, and often simply bringing one out would be enough to break up fights or protests.

Kraahu were often used for crowd control because of their ability to fire clouds of stun gas from various ports on their body, as well as their electrified frame, which prevented them from being touched by mobs. It also has the unique ability to separate into several different independently functioning parts, a feature that served the Vahki very well when neutralizing mobs from various points in the crowd.


A Goliath of a machine, the Kranua were called into action very rarely, often much less than even the Kraahu. It is good for almost any mission, making it the most versatile of the Vahki.


A Kranua

Kranua feature the incredible ability to dematerialize into tiny grains of animated sand. This allows for them to slip into small spaces or sneak into large crowds without causing a stir. Unlike other Vahki, they do not feature the ability to fire Kanoka disks, but this is made up for by its sheer bulk and strength.


Bezevakh are often used for personal missions by the BZPower administration, whether it be hunting down a prized criminal with a massive bounty on their head, or simply acting as guards for high ranking administrative officials, Bezevakh are symbols of the power of the BZPower staff.

They were modeled after the Vahki of Metru Nui, but a bit bigger and with more direct programming. They are stationed in the Coliseum, and are considered the BZ-Metru Home Guard.


Long ago, the Dumevakh were created shortly before the Hapori Dume coup d'etat. The exact functions of them have been forgotten, but they were rumored to have wielded incredible strength and almost sapient-level intelligence. When the administration seized control of the Coliseum from Hapori Dume, some of the Dumevakh were sealed away following Dume's defeat. Others were decommissioned and scrapped, their parts to be used to design future Vahki. The rest are sealed away in Dume's tomb in the Comic Land, waiting to be reactivated.


The Lemuvahk were constructed by Ghidora as an emergency army. Unlike their normal counterparts, the Lemuvahk are equipped with multi-tool staffs with no abilities, but massive gripping strength and the ability to switch the weapon's function almost instantaneously. They can create a small magnetic field capable of attracting metal dust and poisonous gases, allowing them to disable a Kranua before it can reform.

The Lemuvahk were constructed out of the decommissioned Dumevahk and are said to posses their incredible strength and durability, but not their high programming. Instead, the Lemuvahk are controlled via manual hivemind.


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